I have a deep passion for appreciating, teaching, and creating art.  Art makes me feel good.  It's that simple.  My goal it to create affordable, original artwork that will inspire people to welcome the beauty of art into their lives.

As a teacher my goal is to help students tap into their own creativity and develop their unique skill. 

I’m intrigued by light and color, it's layering, bursts and disappearance help me create energetic, abstract and impressionistic work. Inspired by the diverse textures of nature, I use water based materials and various tools to achieve different effects. As tones, lines, and shapes are developed the imagery begins to emerge and take on a life of its own.

I consider it a gift to create art every day and share the joy and beauty of art with others.


Meg Krakowiak is a contemporary, emerging painter best known for her vibrant use of color and soft layering. 

Meg decided 30 years ago she wanted to become an artist. Predominately self-taught, she studied every thing she could get her hands on and took workshops and classes all over the country. Heavily influenced by the Impressionistic Movement, she has studied the classical compositions of Cézanne, the building of broad files of color color like Monet, and the rich texture and colors of Degas' pastels. 

Her current work explores color, light, and textures. Meg works in water based materials with crisscross brushwork which allows for quick manipulation of the paint to create various, dynamic effects. 

Residing in Kentucky from 2012-2016, she owned and operated her own gallery and studio. Painting and teaching students of all ages sparked the attention of Louisville natives. Elizabeth Krammer, Art Editor of the Courier Journal states, "Meg Krakowiak's gossamer paintings, consisting of landscapes and seascapes, portray light and color in a dreamlike mist that often posse a bright sheen". In 2013, Meg was invited to join KORE Gallery at Mellwood Arts Center where she has remained the top seller for the past three years. While in Louisville, Meg was awarded "Emerging Artist of the Year" at Mellwood Arts Center in 2013 and "Best of Show" at "Top Ten Things to See in Louisville" in 2012 and 2014. Meg also produced two solo shows, "Surrender to Color" and "Can You See It Now". 

Meg is excited to now be a permanent resident in Sarasota, FL and continue her artistic journey. Her most recent work is displayed at her gallery on historic Palm Avenue in downtown Sarasota.